Pediatric dental anxiety, also popularly known as Dental Fear and Anxiety (DFA)  may sound a not so important, but is a severe problem in actuality. The problem arises when the patient is about to visit the dentist, especially the children. Needless to say, it causes hindrance in dental care and prevents all the necessary steps from being taken on time.

What causes pediatric dental anxiety?

Pediatric dental anxiety can be very problematic if not treated timely as it will restrict a person from visiting the dentist even when he requires him the most. So, apparently, it needs to be treated, and treatment is never possible without knowing the causes. Let’s have a look at few prevalent causes for dental anxiety-

Previous bad experience at the dental office: Some experiences leave a long-lasting impact on our minds, and the one at the clinic is a similar one for the children. They anticipate the present one to be like that only and are scared to go to that place. Here, neither the dentist nor the patient completely can be blamed, but the previous dentist might have behaved cold or rude.

Genetic fear: It may be due to the genes which carry the fear towards the clinic.

Fear of pain: There are many who have not even visited a dentist once, but anticipate a lot about the pain they will be having during the session. When they are entrapped by this fear of pain, they are not able to see the positives of the treatment and step back from the same.

Ways to overcome dental fear

Tell the children about the procedure: The thing is when the children are known to what is going to happen next, they expect it eagerly. The dentist should practice telling them about the entire procedure so that they already know enough and do not fear.

Make dental clinics a familiar place: Many times, children are naturally scared of going to a new place. For this, parents can take the child some earlier than the session timings and make him familiar with the environment. Once he is familiar, he will have no anxiety for the remaining time.

Relax them instead of projecting your anxiety: Sometimes, the parents are themselves stressed and unknowingly pass it to the children. Hence, it is advisable to conceal such gestures and instead try to make them relaxed by having some game or music.

Allow the kids to have fun: To ease the situation, you can bring the child his favorite toy or gadget and help him relax. Moreover, you can tell and give them a gift after the dental session. This way, you will divert their mind towards thinking about the gift instead of the pain.

Search for the understanding dentist: As the behavior of the dentist also has a lot to do with the experience, find a dentist who understands the anxiety and does his best to make it convenient.

The above-mentioned methods will surely assist you in overcoming dental anxiety and have a soothing experience at the clinic.