“Johny, Johny, Yes papa? Eating sugar? No papa. Telling lies? No papa. Open your mouth Ha ha ha!”

Sounds nostalgic, no? ‘Childhood’ was the time! This rhyme caught attention on the internet and the sooner it was recited by the tiny tots in their pre-schools. This was given as an ode on how excessive amounts of sugar are bad for oral health.

It is seen that many of us are addicted to sugary drinks, candies, sweet potatoes, chocolates, etc. Facts state that many of the American kids have tooth decay at a very tender age, say, six years old and by the time when they grow a little older by 2x they have cavities in their adult teeth.

However, this gives birth to a battleground for bacteria in the mouth. This is like a constant tug-of-war to get away with.

Moreover, do you wish to know the harsh reality that goes behind eating that delicious slice of Choco Truffle pastry? YES, absolutely after hundreds of warnings from our elders… they don’t listen, do they?

There is a continuous scientific process of mineralization and demineralization. There are certain acids that remove the protective layer from the shiny enamel of our teeth. The whole process is referred to as the demineralization On the contrary, the saliva in your mouth helps you fight against this damage, which is also known as a natural process and is coined by the term- remineralization. However, the treatment for gum disease becomes difficult when it is not taken proper care. Beaumont Pediatric Dentist explains how!

How do cavities develop?
Are you still not convinced yet? We give you an insight into how our mouth functions. Our mouth has volumes of bacteria and when we eat sugar-added foods, the acid that is produced within gets in amalgamation with the dangerous oral bacteria. Meanwhile, it destroys our teeth from the very root. To top it off, it gives an immense amount of pain that is unbearable, at times.

How can you fight tooth decay?
All it takes is little steps to protect yourself from the erosion:

  • Start using a straw such that your teeth are in almost negligible direct contact with the exposure of acids in soft drinks.
  • Start using fluoride toothpaste instead.
  • Remember to wait for at least 1 hour of brushing when you indulge your taste buds in having something delightful to eat/drink.
  • Say ‘NO’ to sugary drink before you snooze right away. This gives rise to un-borne diseases.
  • Hydrate yourself! We can not stress anymore on this as this is a part-and-parcel with no acids involved! Totally a win-win for your body.

Curb off your cravings and go for a purging. Make sure that you are going for regular dental visits. As they say, ‘Consistency is the key’! You hold the power to prevent yourself from any negative effects.