Do you find a problem while speaking or eating? There are so many abnormalities that passes through when you have a sore tongue. This might be an alarm to arise from internal issues! Usually, there are visible underlying problems that can easily be cured.

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Few of the most common causes are as follows:

  • Trauma
    Ever bit your tongue by mistake or drink a few hot sips and burn your tongue? This often causes blisters as well.
  • Oral Thrush
    It is a form of a yeast infection and usually occurs in children or older people. Especially with the people who have a lower immune system. It may cause swollen taste buds.
  • Mouth Ulcers
    This is quite common and almost every other human being with bad oral hygiene has been a victim of this! At times, when you eat something from a sharp object or eating a particular food may even affect the appearance of the ulcer.
    • Food allergies
      Your itchy mouth may be affected by some food allergies that may also welcome the scratchy throat alongside. This is also termed as an oral allergy that usually occurs in youngsters. They get swollen lips and tongue by some adverse reactions.
    • Vitamin Deficiency:
      There are various symptoms like weight loss, weakening of muscles, feeling a sense of numbness on your hands. It can affect an individual if he/she does not take a well-balanced diet.

    If the changes seem to be persistent, then you must consult a doctor as it is a reason to worry!