The debate about safety related to laser whitening therapy has been in the market for quite some time now. Finally, you can stop going through umpteen forums to put an end to this debate.

It is a universal fact that everyone wants a perfect smile. White and bright teeth are one way to go about it. We are all guilty of picking up teeth whitening home-remedies off the social media forums/ suggestions and are failing miserably.  Usage of activated charcoal to scrub off stains is also currently in trend. Ignorant of the long term effects, people usually spend a lot of their money and time, only to achieve no change whatsoever.

However, there is a safe option available which is laser whitening. Laser Teeth whitening as of now is the most effective and promising way of getting cleaner and brighter teeth.

What is Laser teeth whitening, and how does it work?

It is a faster way of getting brighter teeth. This treatment can either be performed by a professional or by using home-kit. But, it’s always better to choose an expert for the same.

The procedure starts with a thorough examination of your teeth. If there’s a need for any filling, it is advised to get it done with. The dental professionals also check the degree of stains and discoloration of your teeth bores. This examination is followed by customized molding of the mouth trays, which are essential for the procedure.

The process finally starts after the preliminary cleaning of your teeth. With the mouth tray intact, the gel made up of hydrogen peroxide is applied on your teeth, avoiding the gums. After application, the gel-covered teeth are exposed to laser light for over 15 minutes.

This process can be just performed once or more several times depending on the shade an individual wants to achieve.  

Why are there reservations about laser teeth whitening?

It is true that in some instances laser whitening treatment has adversely affected a few people. Some report about irritation in the gums, some claim that it leads to tooth sensitivity and some think that it is too expensive.

The sore gums after a laser treatment often is a result of improper mouth trays. Usage of a resin-based barrier by an expert in the field can avoid the irritation in the gums. It is also said that people who experience sensitive teeth after the treatment are often suffering from the same. The whitening increases the sensitivity for a temporary period.

Even if its ADA ( American Dental Association) approved, there are still debates about exposing your teeth to the laser beam. It has been argued that laser light can erode the tooth enamel and affect the teeth pulp.

Why is Laser teeth whitening popular these days?

Laser teeth whitening by far is the first treatment in a dentist’s clinic which is entirely painless.

Moreover, Laser whitening takes only an hour and shows immediate results. Many people don’t even have to take the treatment more than once— a single time laser teeth whitening leaves your teeth over seven to ten times cleaner and whiter. Not just this, the effect stays on for an extended period.

If you are still concerned about exposing your teeth to the heat for long 15 minutes, you can always opt for advanced laser whitening procedures that use less heat and UV emissions. Under this, your teeth are exposed to the blue light for over 30 minutes. This also significantly reduces the number of times you need to make a trip to the dentist.

It is a one-time investment if performed by experts with utmost care and precision.

All said one shouldn’t fall for false claims and consult with a trusted dentist to go ahead with a laser whitening treatment.