You must have been brushing for years now. But how long do you brush your teeth daily? Are you aware that brushing should be at least done for 2 minutes so that it benefits your teeth exactly as you want it to do?

Let’s start this with the few guidelines that you should follow when it comes to achieving healthy teeth

  • Brush your teeth at least twice a day, with a fluoride toothpaste.
  • Floss them every day before bedtime.
  • Eat a limited amount of snacks and avoid too many cold drinks.
  • To ensure your brushing is effective, visit a doctor every six months.
  • Get your teeth cleaned periodically.
  • Brush your teeth for 2 minutes.

Now, this last point makes brushing sound like a chore that is to be accomplished. Well, your kids may find it annoying, but you gotta tell them, it’s necessary. Make their brushing activity a fun activity by using some tricks.

Why is brushing your teeth important?

Before putting effort into a task, we need to understand why it is essential. Thus, before you make it funny, also tell them, what is the reason to brush. Tell your kids that if they don’t brush, their teeth will become a home for the bacterias who will then create plaque, a sticky substance, further leading to decay. Show them pictures of damaged teeth due to improper brushing. Motivate them to brush their teeth by telling them that their favorite cartoon also brushes his teeth daily.

Tips to add fun in brushing

There are various ways to add fun to the brushing of your kid’s teeth.

1. Give them an appealing brush- A brush with their favorite cartoon might make them use it. You can use a designed brush having their favorite cartoon character. Else, give them choices, and ask to select one. Get them toothpaste having a good taste, so that they enjoy it more. Thus, make their brushing special.

2. Brush with them- Many children like to copy their parents. Whether it is about those boys who admire their father’s shaving process or those girls who keep a watch when their mother applies makeup, they do like to copy you. Brush with them and make it fun.

3. Introduce some games- If your kids find it challenging to brush for 2 minutes, include some games in it. Get them some toys and ask to take care of his teeth before theirs. It will surely make a difference.

4. Play some music- You can play their favorite music for 2 minutes and do some activities like dancing, humming and ask them to do the same. It will not remain a prolonged tedious activity then.

5. Organize healthy competitions- Siblings can have a brushing competition, in which they have to brush continuously for 2 minutes. This will inculcate a lifelong brushing habit in them.

6. Challenge them- Some kids are very keen on taking challenges. Ask them to complete the challenge for brushing their teeth for 2 minutes.

These methods will keep your child engaged with his brush for the desired time and add fun to the process.