Also referred to as sports guard, Mouthguards are important pieces that protect your child from any kind of sports injury. They fit snugly over the upper teeth and preserve both the esthetic appearance and health of smile. Sometimes mouthguards are helpful to prevent tooth damage in children who brux or grind  their teeth at night. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry (AAPD) recommends the use of dental mouth guards during sports or any recreational activity. 

Most of the sporting organizations have now made it mandatory for participants to wear mouthguards. They are primarily designed to protect the teeth and can reduce the degree of force transmitted from jaw to the central nervous system. This way mouthguards minimize the risk of traumatic brain injury that is required for young children. 

They also reduce injuries like cheek lesions, jawbone fractures, neck injuries, lip lesions, tooth fractures and so on. With thousands of varieties of mouthguards available in the market, the most common ones fall under categories, like:

Stock Mouthguards: These can be immediately fitted into a child’s mouth. It comes with one-size-fits-all. They are easy to fit and quick to locate at sporting good stores. Beaumont Pediatric Dentist do not recommend this type of mouthguard as it provides minimal protection, obstructs breathing and speaking and tends to be quite uncomfortable.

Boil and Bite Mouthguards: Designed from thermoplastic, this type of mouthguard is available at almost all sporting stores. Thermoplastic should be immersed in hot water to make it easily bent and then should be pressed on child’s teeth to create a custom mold. They are slightly more expensive than stock mouthguards but offer extra protection and comfort in the mouth, thereby allowing for easy speech delivery and breathing. 

Customized Mouthguards: Available with the greatest degree of protection, customized mouth guards are custom-made by the dentist. Our dentist will first make an impression of child’s teeth using a special material and then mouthguard is designed over the mold. They take longer time to fit but are orthodontically correct and completely recommended by our dentist. 

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