With kids going through growth and development, they often engage in rough-and-tumble activities that lead to dental emergencies often. A tooth emergency can happen to any child at any time. Situations may vary as your child might fail and break out a tooth or may bite the inside of her cheek or tongue to the point of swelling. Depending on the condition, it is essential to visit a reliable pediatric dentist to fix the problem.

Here are some tips suggested by expert dentists to do when your children lose baby teeth, experiencing teeth pain, and other various dental problems.

Sudden Teething Pain: Normally, it happens in babies that are between the age of four months to two and a half years. The cause of teething can be excessive drooling, soft gums, and frequent irritation. According to dental experts, giving a lot of fluids to kids who are undergoing teething pain can bring relief to them. You can even give your baby a cold teething ring, or carefully rubbing the gums with your finger can make them feel better.

Knocks Out a Permanent Tooth: Firstly, try to stay as calm as possible! Your child is already in a tough situation, and seeing your panic can worsen the case for them. Keep the situation under control by comforting them and diverting their minds off the accident.

Once your child is calm, locate the tooth and pick it up without touching the root. If the tooth is not dirty or broken, you can attempt to reinsert it into your child’s mouth. Next, tell them to hold the tooth in place by biting on a clean cloth. However, if the tooth is dirty or broken, you can’t reinsert it instead schedule a quick appointment with your dentist to examine the further condition.

Bleeding Gums or Tongue: A cut or bitten cheek, tongue, or lip is extremely painful for a child. It can lead to excessive swelling or bleeding, which can bring a lot of discomfort to your baby. To relieve the pain, you can apply direct pressure to the wound and stop the bleeding. If there is swelling, make sure to use a cold compress or offer them a popsicle.

Severe Toothache: While growing up, a toothache is quite common in children though sometimes it is too much to handle. During such cases, you can try to soothe the ache by offering them a warm salt water rinse. If your dentist has recommended any medicine for pain, you can give that to ease their irritation as well.

Don’t Scare your Kids, Comfort Them

Children are known to adapt what they see or observe around, which is why your actions and reactions play a crucial part in dental emergencies. It can be hard to stay calm when seeing your child in pain, but try your best as it will keep them calm and composed too. Regardless of the dental problem your child has, make sure to always consult your well-trusted dentist for further assistance and guidance. They will ensure to offer your child a quick assessment and pain-free treatment as per the condition.