Also known as gingival graft surgery, Gum Graft is a procedure wherein the gum tissue is grafted. This surgery is required by patients when gums recede due to over brushing, orthodontia or genetics. The process involves placing a small amount of new tissue in the area where little or no gum tissue exists. The tissue used is usually taken from the palate after the area has been numbed. Then it is delicately stitched in places where required the most. Other than this, it could be donated from another person to make it safer to use.

Gum grafting is a painless procedure that is performed under local anesthesia. There is little to no discomfort because the area is usually covered by soothing. Dentists recommend light diet for a week or so, which is extremely important to heal the tissue fully. Irrespective of the type of graft, the entire process would take around 90 minutes. Patients can resume to work after 24-48 hours. The risk associated is very low, however, it is extremely important to see a dentist in case of severe pain or bleeding. A follow-up is also recommended in a week to remove the stitches. Until your follow-up appointment, it is recommended to avoid sports and other physical activities.

Advantages of Gum Grafting:

Offers a beautiful smile
A gum graft adds gums in the deficient areas, thereby making you look more refreshed and youthful.

Preserves your natural jawbone
Gum grafting brings symmetry and balance to your smile. When the gum tissue recedes, the bone underneath recedes as well. Therefore, a tissue graft preserves the underlying bone and creates a stronger foundation for your teeth.

Protect Your Teeth from Decay
Teeth roots are made from cementum. Therefore, they are more susceptible to tooth decay. A tissue graft can protect the vulnerable root of your tooth, thereby keeping it resilient to cavities.

Reduces Sensitivity
Recession in the gums lead to sensitivity overall. It covers the entire root surface with a tissue graft and reduces sensitivity.

If you are suffering from gum recession, and would like to consider your treatment options, schedule a consultation with our dentists. They will help design a personalized treatment plan to address your needs. We look forward to serving all of your dental care needs. There are many factors that contribute to your chosen grafting technique. Our periodontist will help you identify which method will work best for you, your health, and your smile.