Toothache is a common problem, especially amongst children. There are multiple reasons causing toothache but poor oral hygiene tops the list. If the toothache is quite severe, it becomes impossible to fix it at home. Toothache generally do not vanish on its own and the longer you deny seeing your dentist, the more critical the problem could become.

When you visit our dentist for a checkup, they will observe your overall mouth to identify the real cause. The most suitable treatment is offered by our dentists and it generally includes a root canal therapy, dental filling, crown placement or treatment of gum disease.

The impacted teeth is removed to prevent infections, crowding and alignment issues. Teeth that are poorly misaligned can be fixed via orthodontic treatment. So, it is extremely important to understand the real cause that causes toothache before heading towards a particular treatment.

Our dentist suggests the following dental issues that bring on toothache:

Cracks or lose Dental Fillings
If dental fillings have started to lose, you must get them replaced as soon as possible. Lose dental fillings may cause a toothache. If the filling is not replaced quickly, you might end up with a root canal therapy.

Cavities occur as a result of tooth decay. People who eat a lot of candies, chocolates, cereals are susceptible to tooth decay. This is the reason why routine dental treatment is extremely important.

Sinus Infection
People suffering from sinus infection could suffer from toothache in the upper rear teeth.

Gum Disease
Also known as periodontal disease, Gingivitis or gum disease is the most common type of infection affecting people in the USA. Gum disease results due to poor oral hygiene and plaque build up. In the latter stages, bacteria causes gums to become red. Signs of bleeding and swelling is also observed. If the disease is left untreated, it could result in tooth loss.

Abscessed Tooth
Abscessed tooth results in tooth sensitivity and severe toothache. It occurs due to bacterial infection and also referred to as a dental abscess. It causes mild to severe pain which sometimes radiates to your ear or neck.

Before seeing your dentist finally, it is advisable to monitor pain. Our dentist can help cure toothaches. Ignoring a toothache can turn your simple problem into a larger one. Toothache is preventable as long as you follow good oral hygiene and keep up with regular dental checkups.

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