Toothache is one of the worst unbearable pains often experienced by people who are either suffering from a cavity or other fatal dental issue. Dentists around the world suggest different types of home-based and other professionally crafted remedies to help patients get rid of dental pain. However, there are times when the issue gets severe or unidentified leading to unexpected results. To identify the real cause, you should first identify what the real problem is. So, let’s start with a basic understanding of dental pain.

Dental Pain
There could be different reasons leading to dental pain but the most common one is an inflamed gum. Inflamed gum also contribute to toothache and sore gums. Other reasons contributing to dental pain could be cavities, broken teeth, infected teeth and other bacterial infections. Oral disease like gingivitis, periodontitis have bacteria leading to infection. Dental pain acts as a warning that something is wrong and should be checked by the dentist. The only solution to correct it permanently is by scheduling a dental health checkup.

Managing Dental Pain
Given below are specific guidelines for dealing with dental pain:

Schedule an Appointment With The Dentist
Before heading towards pain-relieving methods, see your dentist as soon as possible. As your dentist what can be done to relieve the pain. Also, let him/her know about the medications you are taking, if any.

Avoid Food and Beverages That Are Very Hot or Very Cold
Since the dentin layer of your teeth has been infected by tooth decay, it may react painfully to food and beverages. Brushing your teeth with warm water instead of cold water also helps to a certain extent.

Avoid Food With High Sugar Content
Patients with tooth pain should also avoid food that is high in sugar or acidic as it leads to worst tooth decay. Your teeth may not cause immediate sensation to such food types but they can contribute to further decay and tooth pain in the long run.

Brush and Floss
This is a common and most important tip to keep your mouth clean. Try flossing between the teeth. It will help remove the food particles and plaque, thereby leading to reduced toothache.

As soon as you experience toothache, consult your dentist. The longer you wait to have tooth decay removed, the more pain it will cause. So get your smile restored by scheduling an appointment with our dentist today.

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