It is not unknown that sugar is harmful to your teeth. The reason for that is the way the sugars feed the harmful bacteria in your mouth, leading to the eventual enamel erosion and untimely cavities in your teeth. What is also true is that sweets are hard to stay away from; not only that, if you have kids, keeping a check on what they eat is imperative, but you are sooner or later compelled to give them sweets. But what if we tell you that sweets aren’t that bad for your teeth? Well, there is a cheat code to snacking on sweets and still protecting your teeth effectively.

  1. Love Chocolates? Switch to its Darker Companion!

Who doesn’t love chocolates? It is the most popular sweet there is, and we can understand if you crave this after every meal! But chocolates can harm your teeth and most definitely so. We won’t lie on that. Although, if you choose dark chocolate, by which we mean the actual dark chocolate, then you can skip on the milk and sugar, which means skipping on potential tooth decayers. Dark chocolate, on the other hand, contains Polyphenols. These lead to preventing sugar from building to acid. So the next time you reach out to grab a bar of chocolates, get yourself all-natural dark chocolate and eat guilt-free.

  1. Choose Fruits all the Way

Even approved by the dieticians, good on your calorie intake and your teeth, eating fruit can help you combat those sweet cravings with minimal damage. But there is something to be careful of here too, eating fruits that are high in citric acid can be harmful to your teeth too. The high amount of acid in them can lead to enamel erosion too. So rather than helping your health, acid-rich fruits can harm your teeth more.

  1. How About a Slice of Apple Cheesecake?

Reading this would have appalled you! But what if we told you that apples help remove plaque from the teeth and cheese neutralizes the acidity that is already in your mouth. Having a combination of apple and cheese in a moderate amount can help you combat tooth damage effectively.

  1. Xylitol is Your New Friend!

You need to check the nutrient makeup of the fruits that you consume, and if they contain Xylitol, then you can naturally fight the harmful effects of acid build-up on your teeth.

The best things in the world are indeed sweet. And there is no need for you to be bereft of the world of desserts. All you need to do is to have the right choices and the desired nutrient makeup for you to combat the ill-effects of the acid build-up on your teeth. The way you count calories to snack smart, you can also see your desserts a bit closer to identify how you can satiate those cravings and still protect your teeth. Last but not least, never forget no matter what you eat, moderation is the key to it all!