Dental implants are so common these days. They have been used for tooth replacement around the last 50 years. According to the Academy of General Dentistry, “Dental implant is an artificial tooth root that is placed to support a dental prosthesis, like a crown, denture or bridge. It is constructed from a Titanium metal and fuses around the jawbone, thereby serving as a root for missing tooth. It is the only long-term option for tooth replacement.

But before going for a dental implant, you should discover whether it’s right for you or not. Listed below are a few things you must know about dental implants.

Dental implants are quite successful
Dental implant procedures occur without any sort of complication. Its success rate depends on the dental health of the individual. However, when carried out by a dental specialists, its success rate is comparatively higher.

They look and feel natural
Dental implants are customized to look, feel, fit and function exactly like the real teeth. It can be perfectly identified as the clone of missing tooth. Since they are fused to the bone directly, they automatically get a natural feel. The crown is designed uniquely to ensure that it does not look different from the other set of teeth.

They make eating easier
Implants give you the most natural and satisfying eating experience. You do not have to take special care while eating. On the other hand, traditional dentures often slide and make it difficult for you to enjoy chewing. With dental implants, you can eat almost anything without any extra effort or sensation of pain.

Replacement for the roots of your missing tooth
Once a tooth is lost, a gap is created in the place of root. Dental implants focus on the roots. The roots of your teeth are anchored to the jaw. This helps holding in place. Implants are placed in a way that they make contact with the bone. This helps in the growth of new tissue around the implant and a natural dental bond is created between the bone and metal.

Implants protect healthy teeth
Dental implants position a crown or bridge over the implant itself. The other teeth do not suffer.

So, if you want to get rid of your gapped teeth, schedule an appointment with us and talk to our dentists about placing an implant to fill that gap.