Dental implants can revamp your smile and provide you with the much-needed confidence to show off your teeth. However, it also brings a variety of myths that circulate around the process. Knowing the main fact can assist you to make the right decision when it comes to getting a dental implant. Regardless of the simplicity and productiveness of implant treatment, many people are still hesitant when acquiring their perks. Moreover, most of these supposed facts about dental implants can also be mistaken as assumptions.

Here are some of the most famous dental implant ‘facts’ that are myths and in understanding them, you will also know the true facts about dental implants.

Dental implants are very painful and invasive: The most common myth is that the dental surgical process is invasive and quite painful. Getting dental implants brings some uncomfortable experiences, though modern tools and methods have excessively reduced the overall pain level. So, you should have little to no pain. As long as the process is not extensive, you can resume your basic routine from the next day.

Say no to your favourite foods after getting dental implants: After you get your dental implants, you are on the way to recover. There are some rules that you’ll have to follow for your own betterment and eating soft foods for some time is one of them. However, once the dental implant procedure is finished, you will face no restrictions on the foods you can eat, unlike dentures. Also, dental implants are the most stable type of teeth replacement.

Dental implants take a lot of time to recover: As it is a medical procedure, it involves a healing process. While some patients completely recover in some days, the titanium utilized to make the implant needs time to blend with the surrounding gum and jawbone. Depending on the person, it can take somewhere between 3 to 6 months. Normally, you won’t feel any pain or discomfort during the healing period and your daily routine won’t be affected at all.

Implants appear to be unnatural: There are a few people who acquire dental implants due to aesthetic purposes. They want natural-looking replacement teeth. With dental implants, it is 100% possible. In fact, implants look and feel real after the healing period is over. Your dentist will ensure the crown suited to the implant is the same colour as the rest of your natural teeth. If your teeth start to yellow, the crown may stand out as a lighter share, which is why you need to maintain good oral health.

Dental implants are only for senior citizens: You may think that you’re too young for dental implants to the point you believe they are only for older people who are losing their teeth. No worries, it is a definite myth. People of all age groups can get dental implants as many young adults can lose their teeth due to different reasons.