Have you ever wondered why the last stage of human life is generally talked of lacking the proper functioning of some essential senses? It also speaks of either no teeth or only a few of them existing at that time of death. This is mostly because the majority of people ignore the amount of care they need to give to their teeth.

Given below are a few ways to keep your teeth strong and healthy.

Include flossing in the routine

Many people skip flossing as an essential activity, as they feel brushing will be enough to keep their teeth in a good state. However, this is a mere misunderstanding that calls for some clarity. No doubt, brushing two times a day is essential, but it does not clean the gap between the teeth. Moreover, flossing is also necessary to remove the food debris and plaques from the edges. Hence, complement your brushing with flossing to ensure a complete cleaning process.

Avoid smoking

Even though smoking does no god to organs, many people get addicted to it and let their teeth too get affected poorly. It not only turns your teeth yellowish but also gives you bad breath. Also, it reduces the saliva production that quickly let the tarter and bacteria to get accumulated in the mouth and cause the decaying further.

Have lots of water

Regular intake of water is a must to wash away the remaining food and bacteria after you have anything. It also helps you get rid of the leftover pieces of your mouth. Thus, add rinsing your mouth in the to-do list as a post-meal process.

Take a healthy diet

Like the other parts of your body, your teeth too need a diet full of nutrition so that they grow at their best condition. Do include the calcium-rich foods like fat-free milk, cheese, almonds, dark green leafy vegetables, etc. in your diet to give strength to your teeth. Some amount of phosphorus too in the form of eggs, lean meat, beans, etc. will be beneficial.

Limit acidic food and sugary drinks

Acidic food and sugary drinks can be hazardous to the tooth enamel that guards your teeth. It is so because the acid in the diet fractures the enamel and allows the bacteria to enter the tooth surface. Thus, avoid these acidic foods, if not wholly, limit them to a certain amount.

Use proper dental objects

The proper toothbrush and toothpaste can make a big difference in your dental hygiene. With the right objects, make sure you brush the right way. Brush your teeth for at least two minutes and always use Fluoride toothpaste for the purpose as it helps you fight tooth decay and strengthen your teeth enamel.

Your dental hygiene is the key to strong and healthy teeth. However, even after proper maintenance, if you feel, your teeth are becoming vulnerable to any disease or decay, see your dentist without any delay and let him know every detail related to the issue.